Success Stories

VIDEO: Client Success Story: World Class Lean Six Sigma Training with BMGI Europe Lean Six Sigma formed a fundamental part of driving process efficiency and business transformation at Office Depot. Hear how through training, coaching, mentoring and projects BMGI helped to build Lean Six Sigma as a key capability.
Making Operational Improvements Part of Daily Business DNA After implementing Performance Excellence, to maintain improvement initiatives and build a culture of fact-based problem solving, leaders at Sasol Mining decided to take the improvement process to business managers and operators in a practical and easy-to-understand way. An expert team engaged in the business, with managers and operators alike, in a program called Review and Enablement. The program has been instrumental in achieving the necessary cultural shift needed to make improvement a way of everyday life.
Use Innovation Tools to Make Transactional Lean Improvements A major logistics service provider, TNT Express organized an improvement team to focus on fast and consistent delivery of shipments at one of the company’s major airport hubs. By applying innovation tools within a Lean Six Sigma project, the team was able to find a far better solution than originally expected, developing a simple process that reduced average lead times considerably.
Expert Training Develops Problem Solving Skills One of the top coal mining companies in South Africa, Sasol Mining embarked on an performance excellence initiative in 2008, training hundreds of employees in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, as well as developing internal trainers. Through more than 150 projects, the company realized over R20 million in value delivery and is positioned to continue achieving measurable improvements.
Lean Six Sigma Tools Support Fast-Paced Growth While enjoying considerable success as the largest health insurance company in South Africa, Discovery Health wanted to ensure it could sustain its growth path and high level of customer service. To accomplish this, the company set out to formalize its approach to problem solving and equip management at all levels with the Lean Six Sigma tools to achieve that goal.
‘Most Innovative’ New Product By applying BMGI’s D4 framework and innovation tools and techniques, OnTech solved the challenge of making self-heating portable liquid containers commercially feasible. The invention was featured by Fortune magazine as one of the most innovative new products of the year in 2005, and was noted by the History Channel as one of the most innovative packaging solutions in the last hundred years.
Innovation and Leadership Transformation Emergence is a major Asian conglomerate that has grown rapidly over the past decades—and is continuing to expand. As part of its long-term view, the company decided to implement a rigorous, reliable and predictable innovation process and connect its leadership development program directly to the innovation program in order to democratize innovation in the business.
VIDEO: Northrop Grumman Starts Small, Wins Big A $25 billion global defense enterprise, Northrop Grumman turned to BMGI for help in building efficiencies and reducing costs in all aspects of its business. But it had to start small, from the bottom up, training teams that produced early results. After more team projects and momentum, the culture changed and larger, more systemic problems were solved.
VIDEO: Applying Statistics to Marketing at Philips Consumer Lifestyle A multinational consumer products company, Philips Consumer Lifestyle wanted to improve its competitive capabilities through better decision making in marketing. So the company partnered with BMGI to generate a pioneering business concept: Smartistics. Today, marketing plans are backed up with statistical analysis, rather than emotion, and Philips has seen significant return on investment based on the Smartistics principles.
VIDEO: Standard Register’s Improvement Infrastructure How does global document-management company Standard Register stay at the top of its industry? One way is to build a strong process-improvement infrastructure through classroom training, eLearning and on-site project support. See how Standard Register used BMGI to do this, and to meet customer needs on a daily basis.
VIDEO: No Holding Back for Health Insurance Plan of New York Health Insurance Plan (HIP) of New York used BMGI’s full-service approach and project tracking system to make  improvements throughout the organization. Watch this video to see how HIP realized the perfect synergy between training, project tracking and real-time results across all levels of the organization.
VIDEO: Fidelity Investments Stays on Top The third largest firm of its kind in the world, Fidelity Investments asked BMGI to help it remain efficient and competitive in the recession. After using BMGI’s roadmap, training and tools, Fidelity employees changed their thinking and approach, achieving an immediate impact on the bottom line.
VIDEO: Saving Big at Vytra Health Plans Vytra Health Plans hired BMGI to help streamline its operations and improve service for its 7,500 business customers on Long Island, New York—saving the company over $12 million. Watch this video to see more about Vytra’s commitment to achieving results through professional excellence, cultural transformation and personal accountability.
VIDEO: Compassion and Caring at Mt. Carmel Health All healthcare organizations want to provide top-quality care to patients while also meeting their business and financial goals, but most can’t materialize their wishes. World-class provider Mt. Carmel Health is the exception to the rule, because of the way it engages employee teams to solve business and customer problems.
VIDEO: Mobile Mini Streamlines Operations Mobile Mini has aggressively streamlined its operational processes across more than 120 locations in North America and Europe—creating impressive culture change and generating substantial savings. This is just one reason Mobile Mini is the world’s leading provider of storage solutions.
VIDEO: Thinking and Acting Big at TAMKO Just because TAMKO is a leading manufacturer of roofing, cement and other products doesn’t mean it can relax. That’s why it hired BMGI to help increase the quality of its products, improve its processes and take the business to the next level. Working with TAMKO’s skilled people, BMGI enabled the company to roll out performance excellence on a large scale and achieve impressive, breakthrough results and financial returns.
TRIZ on Triage The triage system for a major hospital network in Boston had determined triage problems and inefficiencies were compromising the quality of patient care, as well as the hospital’s fiscal targets. By automating patient check-in, and by using the TRIZ contradiction matrix, the hospital arrived at a staffing solution that took a major step toward patient satisfaction. The formerly serial activities of administrative and medical triage were now simultaneous, and patient wait times dropped. In addition, diagnostic reliability rose.
Borusan Shows its Smarts, Leverages BMGI Blended Learning Turkish industrial conglomerate, Borusan Holdings, needed to train improvement practitioners in a more efficient, cost-effective and standardized way. So it asked BMGI to lead the development of a customized blended learning (classroom and eLearning) solution for Black Belts, Green Belts and others. The effort resulted in improved learning retention rates and a 25 percent reduction in training logistic costs. Click here to view case study in Turkish.
Philips Transforms Its Consumer Lifestyle Sales & Marketing Approach Philips vies for market share across the globe with 20,000 employees in its sales and marketing arm, and the competition is fierce. That's why Philips has deeply integrated Lean Six Sigma principles into its sales and marketing processes worldwide. A pilot project yielded yielded €500,000 in added revenue, and over €120 million in additional benefits are planned for implementation and harvesting. 
Graphic Packaging Harnesses Rapid-Improvement Events to Cut Costs One of the world's largest producers of packaging solutions, Graphic Packaging decided to deploy Lean techniques throughout its organization to improve operations. Working with BMGI, Graphic Packaging started with its plant in Bristol, England. After reeling in  €175,000 in annual, hard savings from just three Lean projects, the plant was ready to enact more Lean projects from a list of 50 opportunities identified with BMGI consultants and to deploy Lean throughout two other European plants, one in Spain and one in France.
Credit Suisse Revitalizes and Expands Performance Excellence Program In support of its performance excellence (OE) program, Credit Suisse hired BMGI to customize a hybrid learning program to teach Lean and Six Sigma practices and tools to employees throughout the world. The new, managed program of eLearning, classroom instruction and project-application support has been very successful. Training expenses and cycle time were significantly reduced, and student learning scores increased by 20 percent as well.   
Leading High-Tech Manufacturer Uses Performance Excellence to Get Ahead of the Market A leading high-tech manufacturer implemented a global performance-improvement initiative spanning Germany, Portugal, the United States and Asia Pacific. By partnering with BMGI to develop a robust, structured problem-solving process, the initiative has produced over €50 million in savings, and the company is growing the initiative to include 60 percent of its 13,500 employees. 
Ruukki's Local Transformation Turns Global Ruukki is a steel manufacturer with operations in 15 countries, competing for its share of metal-based solutions to the construction and engineering industries. To do this, Ruukki implemented a Lean and Six Sigma pilot in one of its plants in Finland. The results were so good that the company then decided to roll out its program to plants across the Eastern European and Nordic countries. After an initial success of €16 million in the Finland plant, Ruukki plans to go after an additional €100 million in savings through reduced inventories and improved processes. 
Manufacturer Element Six Becomes a Benchmark for Lean Six Sigma Application A global leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of super-materials for industrial applications, Element Six adopted Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to align and improve all of its business processes. After training every one of its 1,300 employees in LSS (at some level), the company was recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as a benchmark for other companies to follow. Element Six was also given the DTI and Productivity SA Golden Award for its best practices and great results.
It's Never Been Better: How Avis Budget Group Revamped its Vehicle-Return Process and Saved a Carload of Cash Using a rapid-improvement approach, Avis Budget Group (ABG) streamlined and standardized its vehicle-return process at O'Hare International Airport, then replicated this process across 200 major ABG locations in four countries around the world. The replication effort returned Avis 50 times the amount of savings it achieved from the original project.
Siemens Industry Uses eLearning to Evolve Lean Six Sigma Siemens Industry pioneered the integration of Lean tools and techniques into its Six Sigma heritage--leveraging BMGI's e-Learning system and content in the process.  This article shows how the e-Learning integration occurred, how professionals from different Siemens locations used the system to develop their Lean Six Sigma skills and how the company ensured that they also implemented real workplace projects that produced tangible financial results.